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How to Use

Welcome to the Boon for Schools website.

1. RWI Linked Books

Firstly you must either login or register for an account. The registration process simply creates an account on the website so that we know who to send the books to and to allows you to return and reorder if desired. Once you have registered you can use the site straight away.

You can easily add to your order either by clicking on the Home page and firstly selecting the coloured category button for the list you are interested in. This will take you to a page containing the books that are associated with that RWI linked list for that category

On each of the colour pages there are two separate listings. The top list is the 'Main' list and beneath that is an 'Additional' list. If you would like to select one copy of each of the Main list you can simply click on the grey 'Add MainBundle to Basket' button.

This will add one of each of the Main list to your basket. There is a Similar button for the Additional list which, if pressed, will add one of each of the Additional list to your Basket.

You can also add books individually by scrolling down to the book in question and adding the quantity you require. This will place that book in your basket.

As you add books or bundles to your order the value of the order and applicable discount will be updated in the blue basket information bar just above the menu bar.

When you have completed your order you can view it by clicking on the 'View Basket' button on the Blue menu bar. Once the basket page is displayed you can edit you order or send it to us.

When you click on the 'Submit Order' button an email will be sent to the address given during registration and the order will also be sent to us to fulfil.

2. Boon for Schools Bargains. (Available from the 'BFS Value Books' Button).

Please note these books are not part of the RWI recommendations. They are a selection of new Children's and Educational books offered by Boon for Schools at prices greatly below the published price. These can be ordered independently or added to an RWI order. In either case they will still qualify for available discounts, depending on the value of your order, up to a maximum of 25%.